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Comics on Comics podcast 01 and Cape Lifting 02

a lovely little colelction fo word sound and pictures on this entry so get your self varked

Mike Belgrave's Outsider, Strange Music, Doctor Who and general thoughts blog

So like most comedians I have started a podcast.  Yianni Agisilaou took the piss out of me when we drove to a gig together recently because I kept mentioning how I was ahead of my time with so many things and should have stuck with them.  He’s right to take the piss of course, because now I’m finally getting round to doing a podcast it will look like I’m jumping on the band wagon rather than being the pioneer that I am.

So I checked out some online videos, bought some clip on mics and for a few quid turned my cheap digital recorder into a multi microphone podcasting kit.  As I was getting lots of nice compliment about my comic I also discovered that a lot of the comedians I know also read comics.  This got me thinking, how many times have I talked and talked and talked about…

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details for upcoming more mainstream work film quiz

“Ask the Questions? WE ARE THE QUESTIONS!”
The Slightly Bigger Picture Film Quiz is a lively film quiz which takes place once a month in the legendary North London bar/venue, the Boogaloo in Highgate. Hosted by Rob Deb and Keith M Thomson, the quiz is a two hour interactive extravaganza of fun film facts and light-hearted entertainment. Questions are garnered from across the entire giddy spectrum of the silver screen, making the quiz accessible to both film fanatics, the cinematically curious and to people who just want a fun night out. The quiz costs £2 per team member with prizes galore on the night!!!



well its, been a while, you look great….urm…..yeah sorry about before….oh you got someone elses blog to read.


they are good spellers and use grammer….sure their vaery nice.



Or for those who dont know I have another blog, its sweary and full of vitriol. its where I been for the last few months because this is the nice blog, and that one. no, really its not good. I mean it, not becuase its full of bitter wries and dead glass in the ego and not really that amusing.


so as a medium and becuase this is my professional blog I am putting up some of my reviews from when I was a lead reviewer for LOVEFILM


this meant that I stakced up a lot of reviews, they got rated highly for their style by the rest of the love film public and in reurn they sent me to previews of even mroe films.


they are written on the fly and I cant be bothered to clean them up. but I must admit I think they may be brusque but they do get ot the point quickly




Evil Dead 2 – Dead by Dawn on DVD (1987)

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Starring: Bruce Campbell,  Sarah Berry,  Dan Hicks
Director: Sam Raimi
Certificate: Certificate: 15
Watch now: Unavailable
This film rates with ‘An american werewolf in london’ as one of the best horror comedies of all time. For those under 30, you dont need to have seen the first film to enjoy this flick, in fact in many ways you will enjoy it more treating the frist film more as a curio or ‘alternative cut’

the pulpy story and mighty chinned hero Bruce Campbell find himself in a barren set of woods, not unlike croydon and plauges by evil spirits that go any where from the air, to the lamps to the dead and even his own hand.

the effects are starling and imaginative, and frankly even now after many viewings there is a certain anxiety that htis the gut when the mayhem hits its hights.

a horror film must

Your rating: 5 stars out of 5 72% from 11,074 members

a cult classic , 01/02/2010

  • Clue to Watch Now (1985)
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    Starring: Eileen Brennan, Tim Curry, Martin Mull
    Director: Jonathan Lynn
    Certificate: Certificate: PG (TBC)
    Watch now: Unavailable
    Run time: 92 minutes
    using Cleudo as the template, it brings a great satirical murder mystery with some fab camp acting by Tim Curry amongst others.

    full of classic little moments as well and the DVD contains the multiple endings from each of the different releases.

    well worth seeing

    now repeat after me ; I am .Your singing Telegram!’

    Your rating: 5 stars out of 5 70% from 147 members


  • Roast Of Denis Leary on DVD (2003)
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    Starring: Denis Leary,  Jeff Garlin,  Sonya Rose Atkinson
    Director: John Fortenberry
    Certificate: Certificate: 18
    Roasts arnt really something we’re used to , but this one is held by an assortment of also rans from the Leary Fame family tree. amusing and a good inversion fo the this is your life style programme you occassionally catch. a worthwhile curio for Leary fans all over

    Your rating: 5 stars out of 5 56% from 59 members


  • Doctor Who – Survival on DVD (1989)
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    Starring: Sylvester McCoy,  Sophie Aldred,  Anthony Ainley
    Director: Alan Wareing
    Certificate: Certificate: PG
    the last episode of Classic Who, its more worthwhile to see the documentaries about it

    while Im a sucker for any story invovling the Master this one builds really well both him and Ace’s backstory does come to life somehwhat , building in many ways a prot-rose out of her befiore the end of the run

    But the 2nd disc really shines in how who was going where and when, tyhe uideas at the time and the interviews are quite gripping, not just for whovians but also in the case of how television works

    Your rating: 5 stars out of 5 69% from 896 members


  • Flight Of The Living Dead on DVD (2007)
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    Starring: David Chisum,  Kristen Kerr,  Sarah Laine
    Director: Scott Thomas
    Certificate: Certificate: 18
    Does move beyond its silly premise fast to give some geniune chills.


    it is quite entertaining in its own way with some crafty lines and better then the day of the dead remake

    Your rating: 3 stars out of 5 51% from 2,358 members

Fork Series , 28/01/2010

  • Two Ronnies – Series 4 (2 discs) on DVD (1975)
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    Starring: Ronnie Barker,  Ronnie Corbett
    Certificate: Certificate: PG
    a great mash of monologue and sketches. the phantom raspberry blower a great laugh in the vein of Barker’s collection fo Saucy postcards. good fun and was great for the new year blues

    Your rating: 5 stars out of 5 81% from 133 members


  • Day of the Dead on DVD (1985)
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    Starring: Joseph Pilato,  Terence Alexander,  Lori Cardille
    Director: George A. Romero
    Certificate: Certificate: 18
    Watch now: With package
    A great concept with the military and mad scientists and just simple human nature being the appetitte for destruction more then any zombie need.

    the relatinships are realistic but bad acting takes some of the more paddedd scenes and makes them far longer.

    but the effects are paced quite well throughout the film and BUB is fascinating to behold.

    Your rating: 3 stars out of 5 67% from 6,850 members

classic scares! , 22/02/2010

  • Drag Me to Hell on DVD (2009)
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    Starring: Alison Lohman,  Justin Long,  Lorna Raver
    Director: Sam Raimi
    Certificate: Certificate: 15
    Watch now: £2.49
    A great premises a moral sotry and a real EC feel to the whole thing, raimi tones are abundant without going hilarious, although the fear fuelled hysteria of it is classic.

    while not an innovative horror film it shows that classic horror can stil chill when done really really well

    Your rating: 4 stars out of 5 59% from 28,615 members


  • Blue In The Face on DVD (1995)
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    Starring: Michael J. Fox,  Jim Jarmusch,  Harvey Keitel
    Director: Wayne Wang,  Paul Auster
    Certificate: Certificate: 15
    A great companion to Smoke , but of the two this is more a linear story, While the same cool style the first one is more a series of humourous vignettes whereas this follows the leads to a far greater extent.

    really worth checking out

    Your rating: 5 stars out of 5 63% from 998 members


  • Lesbian Vampire Killers on DVD (2009)
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    Starring: Paul McGann,  James Corden,  Mathew Horne
    Director: Phil Claydon
    Certificate: Certificate: 15
    I still felt conned.

    It’s not funny, the best bit is the opening montage

    it goes down hill, sorry abseils without a rope very soon after.

    I understand the script was written to appeal to teenage boys, btu frankly that ruse would have worked when I was a teenage boy, which was preinternet and the closest we could get was the T and A comedies and a copy of Sam Fox’s strip poker on a ZX Spectrum.

    so its not sexy either.

    I honestly dont know what was going on,

    Not funny

    not saucy

    not scary



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  • Zombieland on DVD (2009)
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    Starring: Woody Harrelson,  Jesse Eisenberg,  Amber Heard
    Director: Ruben Fleischer
    Certificate: Certificate: 15
    Watch now: Unavailable
    Great set up in the lines of Max Brooks world War Z.

    The buddy movie the characters become rounded outside of their cyphers and the situations contain some genuine scares.

    The mid sextion twist admittedly detracts a bit, but is great to be a part of.

    I hear rumours of a sequel and will line up for it now!

    Your rating: 4 stars out of 5 76% from 33,885 members


  • Batman on DVD (1989)
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    Starring: Michael Keaton,  Jack Nicholson,  Kim Basinger
    Director: Tim Burton
    Certificate: Certificate: 15
    Watch now: Unavailable
    I was 12 whne this came out and it was the frist 12 in teh country

    a massive big deal and a real Bat phenomenon,

    Keaton plays it both against type and fantastically and while the film was responsible for a lot of bad habits in superhero moviemaking becoming cannon, the gothic-punk style was classic 90’s in many ways

    if you can get past the poor prince tunes elfman’s scores a blinder

    Your rating: 5 stars out of 5 71% from 14,035 members

greatb start , 28/01/2010

  • Santa’s Slay on DVD (2005)
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    Starring: Bill Goldberg,  Douglas Smith,  Emilie de Ravin
    Director: David Steiman
    Certificate: Certificate: 15
    Watch now: £2.49
    The opening ten minutes alone is cameo central but the film does build and get funnier and funnier, very gruesome though and not quite hitting the higs of Jack Frost; the mutant kilelr snowman.

    worth checking out in the season

    Your rating: 4 stars out of 5 52% from 327 members

made christmas , 28/01/2010

  • Irish Christmas on DVD
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    Certificate: Certificate: Ex
    with inlaws and the usual drama’s this made the pre dinner morning quite enjoyable and relaxed. great to see almost an old christmas special with soemthing for the whole family.

    Your rating: 5 stars out of 5 35% from 18 members


  • Irish Lighthouses on DVD
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    Certificate: Certificate: Ex




    Your rating: 4.5 stars out of 5 60% from 16 members


  • Doctor Who – Earthshock on DVD (1982)
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    Starring: Peter Davison
    Director: Peter Grimwade
    Certificate: Certificate: PG
    Bringing back the Cybermen in such a smart and sharp way, to admit the history of the character and also to streamline the cast.

    It’s relatively taut for the times and brings some great changes to the story format.
    It raises the stakes and makes the Dr far more vulnerable then he has been before.

    Your rating: 4 stars out of 5 70% from 2,342 members


  • Child’s Play 3 on DVD (1991)
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    Starring: Perrey Reeves,  Jeremy Sylvers,  Justin Whalin
    Director: Jack Bender
    Certificate: Certificate: 18
    while the first film is played straight and more a ghost sotry, and the 2nd seems to retread the 1st too much, by this point the absudirty of chucky is embraced and the film is much stronger for it, some fantastic fantasy sections and a great twist early on as Andy now become the hero and not some screaming kid that irritates in horror films.

    I hear a reboot it planned, I hope they use this as the template as the first ones are too serious and the last two a bit too pulpy for horror

    Your rating: 4 stars out of 5 56% from 3,771 members

Army of Goodness , 28/01/2010

  • Army of Darkness – The Evil Dead 3 on DVD (1993)
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    Starring: Bruce Campbell,  Embeth Davidtz,  Marcus Gilbert
    Director: Sam Raimi
    Certificate: Certificate: TBC
    A massive cinema experience and a great deal of fun. while a lot mroe grpahic then the Spider-Man series iw oudl feel comfortable watching it with older kids.
    the raimi school or horror and comedy.

    its worth seeing the different endings and the extras are quite good too as raimi makes a great racounter

    Your rating: 5 stars out of 5 64% from 1,931 member



Good gaffe , 28/01/2010


  • Equilibrium on DVD (2002)
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    Starring: Christian Bale,  Emily Watson,  Angus Macfadyen
    Director: Kurt Wimmer
    Certificate: Certificate: 15
    The sotry is nothing great, and the Pastiche or everything from Orwell to Huxley is blatent but the gun kata and the fight scenes are fantastic and well paced.

    Bale plays cold and stoic very well and there are some admittedly strong twists mid flick,.

    a great evening with the lads post football in this flick.

    Your rating: 4 stars out of 5 65% from 24,962 members

Rusty and painful , 23/02/2010


  • An Irish Christmas on DVD
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    Starring: Roma Downey
    Certificate: Certificate: Ex
    I got this last year for the family to watch over crimbo dinner. I ordered a number of irish christmas dvd’s this year to ensure we had something. the otehr one was Irish christmas which is the same dvd. it is pleasant and nanna loves it, but be aware you may get the same film twice

    Your rating: 4 stars out of 5 52% from 12 members

an 80’s flashback , 28/01/2010


  • Video Nasties – The Definitive Guide (3 discs) on DVD (2010)
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    Certificate: Certificate: 18
    ..not sure how keen you are on the other two.

    The documentary was well thought out and really went though the history of the video nasty in a way that made it a dramatic narrative.

    Being a bit too young ( ‘do you have a video?’
    YES WE GOT A BLOODY VIDEO…but it was about 1987 when the big deal had come and gone,and I was 11/12)

    it was interesting to see Mary Whitehouse claim she could judge films without seeing them.

    the otehr two discs though, I watched both and it is really the racounters that add more then the trailers themselves. although there are nice moments of grindhouse I get the feeling the trailers are literally the best bit of most of them.

    so for film students and historians really, but its a bit BBC4 for teh casual viewer.

    Your rating: 3 stars out of 5 71% from 260 members


  • Dr Terrors House Of Horrors on DVD (1965)
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    Starring: Peter Cushing,  Ursula Howells,  Max Adrian
    Director: Freddie Francis
    Certificate: Certificate: PG
    sharp, pulpish the bookended themes are classic and the ending genuinely unnerving.

    However I could not find the commentary extra on the dvd, maybe it was late But the trailers for other features are classic

    I await an Amicus boxed set with baited breath

    Your rating: 4 stars out of 5 66% from 1,267 member


  • Psycho 2 (1983)
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    Starring: Anthony Perkins,  Vera Miles,  Meg Tilly
    Director: Richard Franklin
    Certificate: Certificate: 18
    following on from the taut thriller, it is the best way to experince the mystery in some ways as like many i knew the ending of Psycho way before seeing the film.

    while not a great movie and sceams 80’s b feature.

    it is an interesting conceit and plays the plagued Norman in a more symapthetic light then the original in some ways.

    Your rating: 5 stars out of 5 64% from 684 members

    Currently unavailable


  • Ed Byrne – Different Class on DVD (2009)
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    Starring: Ed Byrne
    Certificate: Certificate: 15
    the first half is a relaxed gag centric ride through byrne’s mind, amiable enough and still quite the post 30 grunge puppy of the 90;s right down to his chouice of sartorial ensemble.

    but on its own its a good show in the veins of many comedy centrla HBO one night stands.

    the 2nd half takes more of a journey and a straight narrative showcasing his story telling abilities about his wedding.

    an enjoyable approachable show that manages to cover quirks without being wacky, and the commentary with Jimmy carr makes for some etxra mileage of entertainement too.

    Your rating: 4 stars out of 5 71% from 1,015 member


  • Henry Rollins – Talking From The Box/ Go… (2001)
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    Starring: Henry Rollins
    Director: Henry Rollins
    Certificate: Certificate: TBC
    Seen as a counter culture racounter and cultish at best by many, this spoken word collection really shines in the current climate of real whimsical self indulgence. dedicated and determined Rollins really puts every sense of honesty and intergrity into this peices that is rarely seen by many. worth checking out to know stand up is not just about jokes but is still about being really really funny

    Your rating: 5 stars out of 5 62% from 17 members

    Currently unavailable


  • The Commitments on DVD (1991)
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    Starring: Andrew Strong,  Robert Arkins,  Michael Aherne
    Director: Alan Parker
    Certificate: Certificate: 15
    Enjoyable, Funny. I watched it with me mum!

    maybe a bit grim before lunch but nife soapy sort of style worth getting through and enjoying a bit of a rainy day.

    songs good, acting fine

    look tis three stars, what do you expect, bloody oscars!

    Your rating: 5 stars out of 5 72% from 11,420 members


  • The Last Starfighter (1984)
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    Starring: Kay E. Kuter,  Dan Mason,  Lance Guest
    Director: Nick Castle
    Certificate: Certificate: PG
    Watch now: Unavailable
    Yes 80’s star wars rip off manages to swerve the shmaltz and keep it all in check.

    I started it with the fear the special effects would be far less then I remembered, but the beta-unit thing works ok and to watch 80’s CGI space battles has its own charms.

    go on, your hung over in the new year anyway. its the right sort of saturday afternoon treat.

    well recomended

    Your rating: 3 stars out of 5 70% from 1,746 member

    Currently unavailable

for locals only , 23/02/2010


  • Traditional Irish Dancing
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    Starring: Sharon Carroll,  Conor O’Donnell
    Certificate: Certificate: Ex
    the main thing to remember is this is in no way a perfformance DVD this is a how to guide with lessons ably illusrated. in many ways a good change from the usual exercise dvd’s but not one for the spectator

    Your rating: 5 stars out of 5 55% from 6 members

    Not available for rental


  • Roy Chubby Brown – The Helmet Rides Again on DVD (1991)
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    Starring: Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown
    Certificate: Certificate: 18
    when he tours you around his upbringing.

    I am sentimental and can be easily swayed by uinverted snobbery, but then the show starts, one memeorable gag about F^^y Farts and that was it.

    Your rating: 2 stars out of 5 66% from 1,134 member


  • Edward Scissorhands on DVD (1991)
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    Starring: Johnny Depp,  Winona Ryder,  Dianne Wiest
    Director: Tim Burton
    Certificate: Certificate: PG
    Go on, your in your very alte 20’s stick this on with a glass of Bailey’s a sandman comic and a faint trace of tori amos playing in the background, you’ll love it.

    1st appearance of EMO

    Your rating: 5 stars out of 5 74% from 28,230 members


  • Ghoulies / Ghoulies 2 on DVD (1985)
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    Starring: Peter Liapis,  Lisa Pelikan,  Jack Nance
    Director: Luca Bercovici,  Albert Band
    Certificate: Certificate: 15
    The first film has its moments and some great scenes the creatures are pretty cool, but they have a lot of sloooow pacing as the main guy becomes and evilite capey cape blokey.
    the 2nd one manages to get more funn and gags, really amps up the sillyness of the ghoulies. and have more of the tales from teh crypt vibe to it. and the twist is very funny too!

    Your rating: 4 stars out of 5 51% from 641 members

WHAT! , 27/01/2010

  • She Demons on DVD
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    Starring: Isabelle Stephen,  Jan Pivon,  Melantha Blackthorne
    Director: Sv Bell
    Certificate: Certificate: 18
    I don;t remember putting it on my list, but even fastforwarding still lost time in my life.

    my word its so cheap it doesnt even have scene select.

    or charm

    or even the purient interests can be better entertained with confessions of a bus nurse or whatever they were called.

    Im off to watch ISHTAR!

    Your rating: 0.5 stars out of 5 22% from 157 members

a lovely gem , 28/01/2010

  • The Two Ronnies – Series 5 (2 discs) on DVD (1976)
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    Starring: Ronnie Corbett,  Ronnie Barker
    Certificate: Certificate: PG
    The writing the skills of the Two Ronnies was often the target for alternative criticism, and this set being a bit more contemporary proves hwo wrong that criticism is.

    A great place to start and really shows the ronnies at the top fo their form

    Your rating: 5 stars out of 5 82% from 68 members

sTUNNING PULP , 23/02/2010

  • Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow on DVD (2004)
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    Starring: Jude Law,  Gwyneth Paltrow,  Angelina Jolie
    Director: Kerry Conran
    Certificate: Certificate: PG
    Watch now: Unavailable
    Set in the retro futurisism world of metropolis you half suspect Doc Savage or Lamont Cranstone were going to appear and bale the Sky Captain out.

    funny droll and visdually stunning, althouhg a bit weak in places it fills the rainy sunday the way the old matinnees filled ther cheap nickle and dime cinemas in the era that inspired it

    Your rating: 5 stars out of 5 49% from 39,991 members

My Mum liked it , 04/02/2010

keep it simple , 24/01/2011

  • Resident Evil – Afterlife on DVD (2010)
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    Starring: Milla Jovovich,  Wentworth Miller,  Ali Larter
    Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
    Certificate: Certificate: 15
    ‘Like’ is probably too strong a term, but it covers ground with pace and has nice set peices.

    Milla suffers from the Blade syndrome of being unkillable so no threat feels valid in the franchise. In the opening sequence they spend time taking her special abiities away leaving her an invincible killing machine with amazing co ordination as oppossed to an invincible killing machine with a smile.

    Watching Wesker was one star, some retro nods to the game another , and the half was for clearing house after the third film.

    Your rating: 2.5 stars out of 5 62% from 18,471 members


  • Robert Newman: History Of Oil – Live (2 discs) on DVD (2007)
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    Starring: Robert Newman
    Certificate: Certificate: 15
    For those who are looking for the relaxed style of the dependence day tour this will disappoint.
    a crafted stage piece and it seemed disjointed until I realised it was a tv series collected and compiled.

    it covers a lot of ground and knowing it series explains some of the repetitions, but an enjoyable piece and has the lyrical qualities thats one of his fortes.

    Your rating: 4 stars out of 5 74% from 319 members


  • Tapeheads to Watch Now (1989)
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    Starring: ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic,  Tim Robbins,  John Cusack
    Director: Bill Fishman
    Certificate: Certificate: 15 (TBC)
    Watch now: Unavailable
    Run time: 88 minutes
    A chance to see both John Cusak in his wilderness years with Tim Robbins in an amusing comedy much along the lines of U.H.F.

    too aspiring music video makers parodying the then nascent MTV generation and making it a great way to see how both video was changing both telly and cinema at the time.

    worthwhile curio of anyones time

    Your rating: 4.5 stars out of 5 46% from 6 members


  • Alan Davies – Lafter Hours on DVD
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    Starring: Alan Davies
    Certificate: Certificate: 15
    Filmed in an adhoc style and with no money really, this is aninteresting switch as a rookie Davies deals with a working men’s bar which does not seem to be his clientele in anyway

    his amieableness stuff and manner seems to come across well and one for the Johnathan creek enthusiasts who will be shocked by hsi short haired ways

    Your rating: 5 stars out of 5 41% from 157 members

an awkward moment , 07/10/2010

  • Bill Hicks – One Night Stand on DVD (1991)
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    Starring: Bill Hicks
    Certificate: Certificate: 15
    Well, yes its material better performed on other releases, and yes its a square peg round hole of a set stuck in the One night stands of Rita Rudner , Gary Shandling and numerous others who’s ambition was to be the next Jo pescopo but….

    the front and back end show his mallebabilty for slapstick that gets lost in the vitriol of his later releases.

    the skill of pushing an audience that have no notion of the Hick acolytes who frankly have undermined a lot of his world view with Gauloise and slogan shirts.

    and is a great primer in how to do a set,
    not a show, a set.

    and its a great set for its cadance and pacing allowing a stream of consciousness to flow through his work.

    yes for afficiando’s but a worthwhile trove.

    Your rating: 5 stars out of 5 69% from 5,063 members

Good Humoured Fun , 28/01/2010

  • The Hebrew Hammer to Watch Now (2003)
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    Starring: Adam Goldberg,  Andy Dick,  Mario Van Peebles
    Director: Jonathan Kesselman
    Certificate: Certificate: 15 (TBC)
    Watch now: £2.49
    Run time: 82 minutes
    I don’t klnow if superhero is really the right way to look at this one as it’s more an Austin Powers meet 70’s Street Jewsploitation feature. but it’s held well by the lead and a curio in our more portentious hero times. well worth checking out and shows how one man can go from creepy flatmate to superhero with a Ninja star of David at heart

    Your rating: 5 stars out of 5 57% from 4 members


  • Leprechaun 4 – In Space on DVD (1996)
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    Starring: Warwick Davis,  Brent Jasmer
    Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith
    Certificate: Certificate: 15
    Watch now: £2.49
    really enjouyable, the production values are surprisngly high.

    Warwick Davies excudes fear and charm in equal measure and the pulp action turns from the rest of the cast including a reprisal from Herr Gruber and his little tank make the whole thing slick pulpy fun.

    Well worth a late night post pub slot.

    Your rating: 5 stars out of 5 51% from 271 members


  • Hellraiser 3 – Hell On Earth on DVD (1992)
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    Starring: Terry Farrell,  Paula Marshall,  Kevin Bernhardt
    Director: Anthony Hickox
    Certificate: Certificate: 18
    Watch now: £2.49
    Written and directed by barker’s Protege.
    this sadly expands the mythology while undermining it in one fell swoop.

    The origin of Pin head works well, and the notion of hell on earth to create his own realm is daunting and raises the stakes from the little house in London we first saw, but the techno-cenobites are quite limited and dated the minute they hit the screen.

    still entertaining and if you get the chance Run the title sequence of Hellraiser four and then watch Event Horizon, being the logical continuation of the franchise.

    Your rating: 2.5 stars out of 5 58% from 4,432 members


  • Zombies Of War on DVD (2006)
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    Starring: Jon Osbeck,  Joe Lorenzo,  Daniel Alan Kiely
    Director: Peter John Ross,  John Whitney
    Certificate: Certificate: 18
    I been binging my brains on zombies like a lot of people recently. I thought this was some 80’s medusa home entertainment flick I missed at the time. I was wrong.
    a reasonable premise and decent pace marred by really low production values, right down to the filming and mates all clubbing in.

    rent ’30 days of night’ the acting is equally sparse but it does have production values.

    I give one star for the dvd cover and another for the chutzpah to corrall enough mates to make it.

    Your rating: 2 stars out of 5 30% from 429 members


  • Roy Chubby Brown – Jingle B*@!cks (1994)
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    Starring: Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown
    Certificate: Certificate: 18
    I have oput every stand up on Lovefilm on my request list. this is still the most charmless, and the most charmless of his dvd’s, and I have seen poor jokes amongst most of them, but thie is not even a dim bloke,
    in this one he came across quite quite mean if anything

    Your rating: 0.5 stars out of 5 65% from 1,264 member

    Not currently released


  • The Magdalene Sisters on DVD (2002)
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    Starring: Geraldine McEwan,  Nora-Jane Noone,  Anne-Marie Duff
    Director: Peter Mullan
    Certificate: Certificate: 18
    Mullan’s movies have often had elements of Pathos and grit arouind them, but this feature and its basis in the reality of the Magdalene hostels really grips, the perfromances and the arc has you really hoping for the the girls and in many ways should be seen as required viewing at the ‘A’ level bracket.

    Your rating: 5 stars out of 5 69% from 11,185 members

Good fun , 23/02/2010

  • Grindhouse Trailer Classics Vol.2 on DVD (2008)
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    Certificate: Certificate: 18
    Proving that the trailers are the best bits this collection is a great slive of b-movie life.

    sadly it doesnt have the review bit of the first dvd and frankly would be overpriced to buy

    but a great rental, with maybe ideas for more.

    Your rating: 5 stars out of 5 57% from 301 members


  • Bobby Davro – The Backside Of Bobby Davro on DVD (1995)
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    Starring: Bobby Davro
    Certificate: Certificate: 15
    I understand this is an ‘early gig’ for him.

    this was poor, the opening salvo or of racial stereotypes and chip willy gags put me off.

    but don’t worry he’ll be gormless and come across as smug to the women as well!

    I got as far as his richard Meldrew impersonation.

    it reminided me of the office christmas special, you know , the bit where ricky Gervais dressess up as Austin Powers thinking that would make it funny.

    I was really dissapointed.

    Your rating: 0.5 stars out of 5 45% from 10 members


  • My Name Is Bruce – Feature on DVD (2007)
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    Starring: Adam Boyd,  Bruce Campbell,  Mike Estes
    Director: Bruce Campbell
    Certificate: Certificate: 15
    As the mighty chin has become the badge pin symbol of cult icon, this , his first feature really does play to his strengths and weaknessess.

    in many ways a humourous companion peice to his biography, the films failings would mainly be down to budgetary constraints and the lack of exposition in it for a newcomer to the Bruce Campbell Ouvery, yeah thats a word, I wrote it

    entertaining rather then enthralling its accomplished rather then academy award winning

    but do you really want to watch an art movie on friday night , it will be french, and long, and black and white.

    Your rating: 5 stars out of 5 54% from 422 members


new biography peice co-written with heroized.com

Patient Zero.5

Rob Deb was just an ordinary book store employee, stocking shelves and fantasizing about
what the cute red headed girl on the 2nd floor would say to an evening out eating SUBWAY
and seeing a Will Ferrell Movie, when his world was shattered! An infected patient burst
into his store after escaping the high tech medical research facility next door, just before the
branch of SUBWAY which his book store shared a car park with. The patient was infected
with a strange virus developed as a biological weapon, a zombie virus! Yes, Patient Zero
had become a zombie and burst into the store! Before the zombie could molest the girl on
2nd , being unable to use an escalator and all , Kieran stepped in to defend her. For his trouble
he was promptly bitten by the infected zombie, and in return he crushed the disgruntled
zombie though the use of a kindle, a book stand and a heavy display copy of the MARVEL
UNIVERSE. , “I know what this means!” Kieran thought (mainly in parenthesis as Thought
bubbles don’t work in prose, or indeed real life). “I’m gonna turn into a zombie!” But he
didn’t. He waited. Nothing. He attended the opera. Nothing. He renewed his xbox gold
account. Still nothing. So he went to the lab next door and they ran some tests. He then
Popped into the SUBWAY and came back with a foot long expecting the results to be done.
It turns out that Kieran had a rare DNA grouping that made him immune to the virus, but
also allowed the virus to mutate and amplify it’s effects with him as the carrier. Anyone who
spends too much time around Rob will catch the virus and become a flesh hungry zombie.
Sneezing on someone could turn them into a monster. Kissing is definitely out. Rob was able
to get all this information from the lab technician just before the technician himself turned
into a flesh eater but after he had to sit their being bored about the benefits of Everquest from
the science guy. Rob had to kill him with a paper clip and a rubber band, like MacGuyver,
but way cooler because he had a coat like in ‘The Matrix’. The entire lab became infected,
as well as his co-workers at the books store. Rob is now surrounded by a slowly growing
zombie apocalypse with himself at the centre. Not one to take hardship lying down Rob
decided to use the abandoned medical facility to try to discover a cure. When not in the lab
Rob is assembling adhoc weapons, fighting off the flesh eating hordes as Patient Zero.5. (Because he killed Patient Zero and Patient One sounds silly, and if he doesn’t do something positive with the experience then this story would be song by Suzanne Vega.)

In order to ensure he does not spread the infection he has taken the lab as a lair and created a
suit made out of staples and dark painted bubblewrap to ensure he doesn’t infect anyone else,
a Dork Knight suit.Typhoid Deb may not be the best hero in the city, but currently it is the
only one they got!

Fight on, Patient Zero! point five!

Upcoming Camden shows



been a while so Camden fringe is where I will be


Rob Deb: A Comic Book Guy!
Rob Deb presents an hour of stand up comedy covering all the latest comic book and counter culture
interests. Having been successful with a number of Edinbrugh shows this will be recorded over the three
nights for a DVD release to coincide with the 2012 Rob Deb: Dork KNight triumphant run.
Here is the basic plot;'Rob Deb has come to embrace the geek within. Having taken on an adhoc training
scheme his attempt to become the worlds greatest detective, reach his physical peak and maintain the
façade of a millionaire playboy, and technical genius, to some effect. Come along and learn about man
behind the mask and the need to wear a cape in a world that hates and fears you!
Rob Deb ;A comic Book Guy, is a Dungeons and Dragons ride through Sci Fi/Fantasy as Rob
'Dungeonmaster' Deb deals with a world of elves, dwarves, cyborg and psychics using funny sided dice and a
Commodore 64.
Here is some of the comments from his previous shows!
From Chortle.co.uk;
'Fantastic show, man, this guy is funny and a totally upstanding dude .Rob is extremely tuned in to the
nuances of nerd culture,he also celebrates our strengths, our passion for life and the common gel that bonds
us all together, recommended'
'Naturally funny guy. Good show' - edfringe.com
'Rob is a fantastically gentle, charming and funny performer! I actually wished I was more into Star Trek,
Spiderman and Superman because half of the time I was just laughing along. I had no clue what the guy was
on about' - A. Girl.
The show will also incorporate a Q and A in the last 15 minutes where you can attempt to outquiz and caped
comedian as best you can!
Show taking place at The Camden Head

(formerly known as Liberties Bar) 100 Camden High Street London NW1 0LU

dates time ticket prices concessions
Sat 20 August 2011 8:00pm £5.00
Sun 21 August 2011 8:00pm £5.00
Mon 22 August 2011 8:00pm £5.00
Book tickets via www.camdenfringe.org or 08444 77 1000

bookseller comedy review


Humour has been the most fluid, responsive and adaptable genres in the recent times. Comedy publications strives to widen interest and reflect tastes beyond the impulse buyer. Readers expect humour more pointed and to have a level of sophistication tailored to their own tastes with a greater detail than before. As such books are now released with an emphasis on capturing a specific sub-culture rather then directly competing with other publishers. The breadth of titles released, and the growth in humorous miscellany’s show a move towards catering to the needs of the modern consumer,making them accessible to the browser. Jokes and humorous writers have come into their own with distinct personalities emerging and flavouring their work, in turn building a following and establishing readerships as loyal as any prose writer.

While parodies of new films and novels continue unabated, there is a distinct move towards relating experiences and giving genuine advice though humour. The worst case scenarios and how to be an action hero hand books have both been successful. A rise in etiquette and a focus on sub-groups show a keen understanding of an attempt to become more pro-active in capturing imagination of the general public. The internet, often feared and cited as the death of text, has been assimilated. Whereas once the concern that any joke told would be chain mailed, losing readership and crucially sales, the success of the onion among others reflects the preference of the printed form. It has also allowed for political responses to appear faster and highten the commentary of current political situations.The success of Bushisms, among others show that the genre will adapt for audience without needing rebranding beyond its purpose.


Lynne’s Truss, Talk to the hand October £6.99 1861979797

A book not so much about good manners but her frustrations with the lack of them and is more accessible than the previous work that brought her such acclaim, sure to sell well and plenty should be kept in reserve as the inevitable word of mouth passes through readers.

Mia Wallace and Clint Spanner How to get an ASBO, October, 1852273313,

The CHAV phenomenon continues to be a source of social concern and satire. This market continues to grow with unstopping abandon as a slew of titles are scheduled through to the end of this year is the most notable having been created by the writers of the original Chav handbook.

ASBO broadens the spectrum and alert us of its meaning, bringing to bear all aspects, a sharp insight into the absurdities of ASBO’s with great and original detail pushing the humour far beyond the notions of Chavs and hoodies.

The design itself is somewhat striking with ‘Gorillaz’ style illustrations and a sharp orange cover that stands out. Along side its sister books the Chav handbook, can be quite prominent and eye catching. The book is topical as, socially, a relatively new concern with ‘little book of Chav gags’ and the like still selling well.

Terry Prattchett’s Wintersmith, Doubleday September, 0385609841,

With the growth in the mainstream popularity of fantasy books for ‘readers of all ages’ this story of the wee-men established in earlier book continues an attempt to bring the Discworld to a younger generation of readers. Sure to be a bestseller this Christmas placed well it can also help move the back catalogue that Pratchett has developed over twenty years in print. The cross over appeal should not be underrated,


best of my guy,

Publisher: Robson Books Ltd (28 Sep 2006)

ASIN: 18610597959

There is a definite growth in the nostalgia market following the unprecedented sleep hit success of the best of Jackie. This market looks to be increased with the collection, it has kept to the original design and layout, and will appeal to fans of the cancelled magazine.

Perhaps more so given the emphasis on the 80’s celebrities many of whom are still readily recognisable on our screens

Various, The encyclopaedia of guilty pleasures 1001 you hate to love, November £12.99 0719561388

Packaged and edited in a similar format to ‘Is it me or is everything shit? This collection deals with both the simple pleasures and current concerns, much like its predecessor

Its styled in a similar a-z format with a great deal of emphasises given to our day to days changes and challenging in quite a slick style and rather jaunty style and design.


Massino Fenati’s Gus and Waldo’s book of love, October £6.99 0752875655

A surprisingly affectionate tale of two male penguins in love. More than collection of images the story unfolds slowly and leaves a great deal to the reader’s imagination.Despite the innocuous design it should be emphasised this book is not for children but the sentiment involved could see this do well as a contemporary version of Love is…



Augustus browns why pandas do handstands Bantam Press (6 Nov 2006) ISBN: 0593056930

An encyclopaedic selection of some of the most shocking aspects of the animal kingdom, the details and breakdowns allows the information to convey quickly, irreverent and entertaining manner, as such should do well given the colourful cover. A perfect companion to what eats wasps

Burton Silver, Why paint cats, October £6.99, 1580088015, Ten Speed press

Photo-books of cats are not a product in short supply , however this collection invigorates the genre.The Photography here is eyecatching and distinct.

Visually there is a great deal of detail of cats that should appeal on both cat fans and body artists as each of the cats depicted have been died or cosmetically painted in some fashion creating a truly colourful and sumptuous visual collection. The text to explain the cultural significance of these transformed felines gives extra level of mewling amusement for feline fans.

Kitty Bunton, Mad about cats, £4.99 August, 1840245182 Summersdale press,

A simple and elegant set of observations not of cats, but the obsessive symptoms of their owner’s sensibilities. Laudable and appropriate for cat lovers with a sense of humour. It’s a small collection and a strong till point addition with the style almost Parisian, demure with the humour surprisingly cutting.



Tom Cox’s collection of observer articles the lost tribes of pop: Portrait (26 Oct 2006)


Tom’s collection of observer articles is not so much a guide not to genre, but to the fans that surround them. The kitchen sinks snippets of each of these portraits allows for a lot of social commentary to be weaved within his characters and insures a contemporary touch to the oldest forms of fan. The collection will include previously unpublished portraits of audio aficionado’s and will give most readers a laugh or recognition and perhaps embarrassment. Likely to do well with recognised broadsheet support

David Whittle, a boy called Pete, September, 1905548095, Friday project Limited

The pop justice brand continues to broaden its line with a new range of characters to bemuse with its innocent language and sordid sentiment.

A contemporary target at the beginning of his career, marking a bolder move than the more usual suspects.




Tom Moore null points, October, £12.00, 0224077805 jonathan cape

With Finland’s win in the Eurovision instigating some controversy. This is joyous relief from the usually self-congratulatory Eurovision books, delving beyond the usual statistics to the political ramifications of the event a truly insightful cultural review.

While an event often dismissed this year has seen some remarkable changes in the spectacle that may well reinvigorate interest, albeit on a level of kitsch.


Stephen Clarke’s talk to the snail, £9,99, October 0593057228 bantam

Clarke’s take on the merde continues with this surprisingly applicable phrase book. While a small pocket book it follows the traditional format albeit, imbued with Clarke’s his own notion’s of ‘Franglais’. This will sell as a small guide to Francophiles and Francophobes alike.

Don’t tell mum Simon Hoggart, November, £9.99, 184354539X

A contemporary compendium of internet confessions from the growing number of gap year travellers, Simon’s work has been confident sellers in the past and this looks to fulfil a gap in a modern trend of younger people going abroad, a gift for the student and the parent in a nascent yet rapidly growing trend.

Viva san sombrero

From the success of their previous two volumes Viva san sombrero is a continuation of fictional countries with a level of detail you may only expect book by Tolkein. Photos and commentaries still excite and fascinate a perfect companion to the armchair traveller,

Dan Kieran and Ian Vince, The my way code,BOXTREE, November £9.99, 0752226207

The 75th anniversary of the high way code my seem like a strange item to commemorate but the support and interest in the history of public transport may see this becoming quite regarded. Laid out exactly like the Highway Code replete complete with signage and humours illustrations which would be the perfect stress release drivers, particularly in city based stores.

Monica E. Gregory, £9.95, October,185894337x, Merrell, Toilets of the world,

Travel tends to focus on the differences of cultures but the role of the waste room unites all nationalities it’s a photo-book allowing for some of the strangest loos to grace the pages. While toilet humour may seem a common theme in humour this selection are eclectic and a touch risqué.


Roger Schaeffer, What are the odds, Orion, September £9.99 0752875973,

While covering more than sport, this collection appeals with a mix of facts and figures broken down into multiple choice, a neat device to draw readers on and should entrap the casual browser. The knowledge inside is quite diverse and would also appeal to any fans of Pub quiz books, and can be cross-promoted effectively

Pat Sullivan Golf quotations, ebury September £7.99 0091912040

With the rise in golf magazines and more people taking up the sport. This release coinciding with the Ryder cup this book will do well, moreso given the dearth of humour on the subject.

Richard Benson The book of wicket wit September £8.99,summersdale 1840245417

A relaxed attitude to cricket, highlighting the eccentricities of the jargon and the manner in witch cricket fans obsess .More than a commentary on the game it reflects the social mores of the cricket ground and the peculiarities of a particularly English institution. The slim hardback should appeal to the older fans of the game and the cricket club ethos that surrounds it.

Barney Romey STUDS greatest football annual the world has ever seen, £9.99 October 0091913640, ebury

A collection of shoot magazine articles including the lifestyle and fashion of the 70’s. Footballer’s, their cars and wives. This is a fascinating read for not just the football greats but also the sheer dedication taken with Shoot magazine. With an appropriate emphasis from stores on the source material would ensure additional sales from fond memories of avid readers.


Geoff Tibbells, Mammoth book of jokes

Sure to sell well among aficionados of the joke form. The original selection covered everything from solicitors to shaggy dogs in its subject’s and with a joke count of other 7,500 it would be hard for any fan of gags not to find something they enjoyed. A Huge collection with enough new material to bear mentioning as a distinct book, and practically definitive resource

David Rose They call me naughty Lola, November £7.99, profile books 1861978294,

As an eclectic and light-hearted selection from the most eccentrically verbose lonely hearts to have appeared in the personals of the London review of books. Lola brings a whole new meaning to the term bibliophile with the assured wit of the paper and its readership, a broad sheet and broad minded audience should find this quite diverting and pushed in conjunction with private could do quite well.

A Book addicts treasury, Frances Lincoln Publishers (1 Aug 2006), 0711226857, £9.99

is a wonder through bookish behaviour as diagnosed and discussed within books themselves, this collection of quotations is artfully selected and crafted to create an almost seamless narrative of its own with a great deal of elegance.

Tony Husband’s, the world’s worst jokes, £9.99, ebury, 009191230X

To be the worst book is not a great selling point, but its bright design and hardback cartoon format catch’s the eye by denoting an easy read and the truly groan inducing quality of the gags really does bring the reader along , albeit in disbelief.

Richard Benson, Old Git wit, October, Summerdale publishing, 1840245425 £8.99

The collection of old git wit is a broad selection about the aged from the ages by the aged and could be targeted at anyone who has to make a speech for someone’s golden years. With the success of the grumpy old men and women selections and now we are 60 and a bit there seems a growth in the market but in the audience and their interest. A handy addendum to the previously mentioned titles that could be a factor in typically mid-week clientele.

Paul Ross, Small book of grave humour, September, £4.99, Little Books, 1904435653

The book’s a collection of witty epithets as found on a variety of grave stones. Quite involving while simple, the headstone design could do well as a centre piece of a Halloween display bridging the gap for fans of Emily the strange into the more humours aspects of gallows humour.


Thomas Fink, The man’s book, 0297851632, September £9.99

The success of Dad’s stuff and Dangerous things for boys surprise success among older reader’s has established a market for men’s lifestyle books beyond the magazine market.

This simple pinstriped cover draws on a more sophisticated and classic look and could be the next lifestyle guide for those post-loaded, matured metro sexual. From the details about spirits to a comprehensive summary of the life of James bond, a collection that’s level of detail is sure to appeal to all men.

Ed West, How to Pull Birds, £7.99, October, Summersdale, 184024545X

While seduction techniques are not a new subject, the book is styled and promoted with illustrations alluding to the popularity of Neil Strauss the Game. Given the growing popularity of these books and the media interest with it, coupled with the writer’s reputation from working on mens weekly Nuts, should see some sales in conjunction with the earlier work.


Sarah J Hedley,Sex by numbers, Piatkus,£7.99, 0749926961, October is quite a distinctive blue package and takes a more flippant approach to the development of a sexual relationship, although heightening it would be more appropriate it s stylish design and should sell as the innocent illustrative technique keeps it away form the fogginess that can spoil such discussions.

Mitchell Symons, Where do nudists keep their hankies,

A book bridging the cap between the sexual advice of the other books and the innocent curiosity of what eats wasps, Mitchell Symons is a self confessed prude investigation is humorous dealing with the social mores of a very personal issue, quite expansive and cultured this should appeal on many readers.


Mark Reynolds Why do men fall asleep after sex,orion 075288218X, November £6.99

Following from why men have nipples and continues with the funnier functions of the human body, co-inciding with a re-release of the first book, should do well as word of mouth has established a solid sales base for the first one.

Nigel Crawthorne,The amorous antiques of old England,Portrait, 0749951001.

Colourful both in illustration and subject, this should appeal to history buffs that have. A quaint collection of tradition and superstition coupled with enough anecdotes and eccentricities exclusively English in its character.


Lynne Truss, eats shoots and leaves for children, September £8.99, 1861978162, Profile

Lynne’s grammatical crusade against misplaced commas continues with illustrating them to humorous effect, an informative book targeted at parents who strongly believe in some level of edutainment for their kids. It’s colourful and simple in design appealing to children’s imagination.

Andy Reilly’s Loads More lies to tell small kids, October £7.99,0340899646, hodder & Stoughton

The success of his bunny suicides proves his humour more in the life is hell vein of Matt Groening, the bright hardback stand out well and could be done with a slight push at the till points as his animated style belies a much darker wit then expected.

Joan Prictchett, Not all grannies Knit How to be a bad grandmother, Michael O’Mara books, £9.99 1843172097

Brightly illustrated and aimed at the more active nanny is fresh take on a subject that I is often treated in such a staid manner as to lose the very people it’s built towards appealing too

Stephanie Calman’s, Confessions of a failed grown, September £12.99, 1405092130, Macmillan

A sequel to her bad mothers hand book sees Stephanie calman continuing the chick lit styling may be biographical but if sold in tandem with Helen fielding should do well. Her style is flippant and likable and she is renowned as quite a raconteur

Phil Ball’s, The hapless teacher’s handbook, £10.99 0091908965 August.ebury

should also do well with the growing amount of graduates within teacher training, coming out in august it should be the perfect gift for an academic first jobber and as teacher made a strong occupational demographic of most stores should also be pushed within education.


Ed, warren Larkin, The Essential Linda Smith Hodder and Straughton November £17.99


A Book both formidable in its comprehensive nature and the breadth of comedy, fans will flock to this post-humus releases of one the sharpest wits to grace radio 4. Comprehensive sales points to fans of her work on radio and anyone interested in the role of women in comedy. The recent sold out theatrical tribute continues to show a great deal of support from many comedians of calibre who will be continuing to keep her name in the public eye throughout the rest of the year.

Box 18 The unpublished spike Milligan , Ed Norma Farnes , October £18.99 Fourth estate, 0007214278

A collection of Milligan’s musings, drawing as they occurred. The books sales are assured as more people come to Milligan’s mind from his earlier works.

Graham Chapman, Jim Yoakum Calcium made interesting, August £7.99, 009191230X

The paperback release of Graham Chapman’s musings and articles throughout his time both with and bond python, a strong seller in hardback this paperback edition is sure to do well with many fans still hungry for any additional material they can get and the density of material is truly immersive

Pam Ayers, Surgically enhanced, September £14.99, 0340922788 though her mixture of poetry and essays however gives a broad scope from everything to holidaying and parenthood and the worries of weight.

John O’Farrell’s I have a Bream, October 0385610882,

The final collection from his run as the opinion of The Guardian. At turns domestic and worldly this should do well with the fans of private eye and those who wish to complete journey through his views.


Julian Hall, Rough Guide to British cult comedy, Penguin October 1843536188 £9.99

The rough guides have become an imprint synonymous with accessibility and detail, Julian’s time within comedy ensures a thoroughly researched and comprehensive guide for enthusiastic fans and those even those who wish to enter the industry. The book itself will do well with budding writers and stand up’s.

Mike O’Brien the Best stand-up and comic routines. Constable and Robinson, £14.99

November 1845294424

This book contains some of the most highly recognised pieces of comedy and having an accompanying CD allows for some of the lesser known lights to be introduced to a new audience. The inclusion of the CD doubles the appeal as budding stand ups can delight in the scripts while the laymen can enjoy some underrated comedians otherwise unavailable


Stuff the turkey: Simon & Schuster Ltd (6 Nov 2006) ISBN: 0743295145

Designed to evoke imagination and activity during the season of good will. Humour often takes a traditionally cynical approach as the pressures of the family within the festive season begin to rise within the forced good will. Like its predecessor full of anecdotes and activities that should see the book gaining a lot of use and extend its coverage beyond the normal season spirits.

I’m dreaming of a Shite Christmas Boxtree Ltd (6 Oct 2006)

ASIN: 0752226266

From the anti-climax of advent calendars to the Christmas movie being Zulu, you get the impression that each of the twelve days will be receiving its own traditional turkey roasting.

For those wanting to extend their views into 2007 diaries are hard inventions to improve on. However the mind behind last years

Benrik, this diary will change your life 2007 (6 Oct 2006) ISBN: 0752226177

Deidre Dolan, Curb your enthusiasm the companion.07432965048 November, Simon and Schuster £14.99

A Bright and detailed piece with a greater level of detail than one would expect from a tie in.. While its fan base is loyal Curb your enthusiasm is still one of TV’s best kept secret’s and it would be easy to underestimate the appeal of this companion. Covering more than the show but Larry David’s own career as a stand up and his contributions to Seinfeld, this book is a more a biography then a script book. It’s a book sure to find repeat sales as awareness grows of the show