About Rob Deb

Hello, and welcome to Robin Deb’s review world.

I have been a book reviewer for a number of years and stand up comedian occassionally on Television for even more.

I have created this one for my more considered opinions and review work for your perusal and my security, givne the inefficency of technology and the fact that within 6 months Blu-rasy drives and Memory sticks will be obsolete I thought it best

Feel free to comment and get in touch.

If you prefer a more light hearted comedy style then you can try my facebook or my facebook group the notorious rob.

alternatively if FComic books is exclusively your thing then you can try www.myspace.com.comedyrob

lastly there are clues hidden in each of those sites that can lead you to an annonymous blogger profile that is quite vitriolic and quite patently ID driven

IN many ways this site is my super-ego, myspace and facebook my ego

and the blogger account my ID

have fun!


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