Dork knight blurb from 2008

While a mild mannered childhood had allowed Robin Deb a regular teenage fascination with Zombies and giant Robots,  Robin soon turned his back on the world of the future and started  to assimilate into more acceptable society, complete with girls. A freak accident followed after graduation involving a lightning bolt and the stock of a small comic book shop conveniently located on Charing Cross Road. From the rubble comprised of Capes, Caps and authentic Fraggle replicas. Birthed from a Battlestar, Rob Deb emerged. Heralding a new era of Dorkness in comedy, Rob took the mantle of ‘The Dork Knight’ and has worked one radio 4, GMTV and Dave to promote Batman and many others. He writes as a reviewer for ‘The Bookseller’ and when not performing comedy tries to avoid his 3 main weaknesses; Smallville, coleslaw and chatty redheads.


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