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Batman: Bruce Wayne – Murderer? – Batman by Ed Brubaker, et al.

A brash and somewhat dynamic change for the batman mythos, sowing the seeds of many characters to come, and their relationship with the dark knight into the oncoming set of crisis series. A classic detective story with many elements drawing the reader in with a reveal that is both surprising and totally satisfactory!


The Batman / Judge Dredd Files by John Wagner, et al.

A surprisingly well realized cross over compilation that is worthwhile as The Dark Knight’s pursuit of Justice runs against ole Stony Faces Allegiance to the Law. Escapist and graphic with some jaw drop-kicking artwork from Simon Biesley this is a collection worth checking out.


Superman/Batman by Ed McGuinness, et al.

It takes a special writer to be able to give two such strong leads equal footing, Jeph Loeb has proved himself again with this storyline. To be able to mix high action with mean tension these icons define each other with a single line or thought.

McGuiness’ artwork continues to shine; being bold, brash and utterly believable as Bruce and Clark take on the machinations of President Lex Luthor and a staple of villains that could only be beaten by the World’s Finest.

Batman: Year One by David Mazzucchelli, et al.

A fantastic read. Somber, bleak and definably not for kids, this is a Batman that defines both the Bat and Bruce Wayne. Crucial to the plot finally you can see why a man would dress up as a Bat, and the importance of his rapport with Gordon, himself a cop looking for 2nd chances while his personal life crumbles around him. More in the vein of Taxi Driver than the Incredible a great intro to the Dark Knight, and the world he inhabits

Batman: The Killing Joke – Batman (DC Comics Paperback) by Alan Moore

The greatest joker story ever told.Brian Bolland’s line work is fantastically detailed and with the crown prince of comics writing this was destined to become a timeless read.It’s a lean noir story with great repercussions on the Bat mythos that continue to haunt many of the stories written today.

Moore blends both comedy and tragedy in this piece and Bolland work will make you shiver and smile , often within the same page, with a deft sense of dynamism rarely seen in comics.

A great introduction to one of 20th century’s greatest fictional villians! 

Batman: Dark Knight Returns – Batman by Frank Miller, et al.

This is not so much a Graphic Novel as a four part ‘Dark Opera’ that transcends the very roots of cape and Ka-Paw many adults would envision.

The art is passionate and detailed, and the narrative itself has become even more relevant with age as an allegory of politics and the strength of obsession.

This book is so strong it will drive even the most avid non-comic reader Batty!


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